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Feng Shui Chakra Tree

Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home ✨

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Always concentrate your mind on the present moment. Lively moments and total mindfulness become a common thing with our multi-stone Feng Shui Chakra Tree, evoking growth in every perspective of your life and environment. Feel the authentic power of every unique gem and their respective abilities that make you a better person, an understanding partner, and a genuine friend.


  • Tree of Life Symbol: growth, deep grounding, fertility.
  • Chakra Symbol: creativity, wisdom, strength.
  • Clear Quartz: clarity, manifestation, focus.
  • Amethyst Leaves: calming energy, stress relief, health.
  • Citrine Leaves: happiness, positive energy, imagination.
  • Carnelian Leaves: creativity, confidence, passion.
  • Sodalite Leaves: communication, harmony, trust.
  • Aventurine Leaves: abundance. prosperity, good luck.
  • Aquamarine Leaves: tranquility, fluidity, soothing.
  • Hand wrapped Copper Wire.

Product Specifications:

  • Stone Material:  Amethyst / Lapis Lazuli / Aquamarine / Green aventurine / citrine / red agate / red jasper
  • Tree Size: Height of 10 cm; Base Size: 6-7 cm
  • Package Contains: 1 x Chakra Tree in a gift box for your convenience. Please note that you must arrange the tree branches yourself to your liking since we pack it in a certain way to keep it safe.

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